Please find below examples of work carried out.  Hover and click over the images to view the image more closely.

This job was a collapsed clay drainage pipe which was causing the drain gully to fill up with rain water. We removed the damaged sections of pipe and replaced with new modern materials.

This was a chimney stack that was leaning and in danger of falling down. We lowered the stack to a secure level, slab bed the top leaving holes for the gas fire vent and capped with a gas fire terminal.

This is a repair to a slated roof which has had an intermittent leak. After removing the original slates to investigate and finding the cause of the leak, we decided the best course of action was to replace the old slates with new.

Ladder access to allow repair to church roof.

Guards attached to roof of school to prevent debris, slates and snow falling on children below in playground in adverse weather conditions.

Access to school roof.

Our Client Guarantee

  • It is our policy to return with a quotation via e-mail within 48 hours
  • Quotations come with a fixed price
  • Up front prices per trade day for additional works are available on request
  • Where the work required is not possible to judge, a full site inspection will be conducted in order that a fixed price can be approved
  • All works are covered by guarantees appropriate to the project

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